Standen Corporate

Standen Corporate is located at 5 Harris Street, Pyrmont – Sydney.

Our Corporate team focus on building and creating industry leading marketing and innovative technology to lead and grow our businesses into market leads.

Our in-house marketing and media team work hard to ensure our brand cuts through our competitors and positions our licensees and their teams a step ahead.”

Standen Estate Agents

Standen Estate Agents quickly became the largest independent agency in its first marketplace within the first 3 years of operation. The brand and company have now become an attraction business for many established agents who have now joined Standen to build their own rent roll and future proof their business.

Standen Marine

Standen Marine is Australia’s first brokerage agency offering its members the ability to be part of a greater network of brokerages across Australia. This enables not only wider reach for our clients’ listings, but also offers our brokerages national recognition associated with the premium brand.

Standen Concierge

Standen Concierge is a premium service offered exclusively to our real estate and marine clients across the Standen Network. The concierge team focus on preparing our properties and vessels for sale, to ensure our team have the maximum time available to focus on the job at hand, listing, negotiate and achieving the premium result for our clients.

Freeing up time consuming tasks such as organising quotes and managing repairs, has proven to grow our members business substantially.